StreetLight InSight® API

This guide is written for an audience that has some development experience. To best understand this guide, you should be familiar with:

  • The programming language that you will use to implement the StreetLight InSight® API

StreetLight support can help you with questions and technical support on the StreetLight InSight® API. If you need help with APIs or programming in general, there are many online resources and introductions to APIs, such as "An Introduction to APIs" by Zapier . You can also use API Reference or Recipes.

You should also be familiar with or have the following:

StreetLight InSight® Account

You need a StreetLight InSight® web application login to use the API. For more information, see Authentication.


You need an API Key to authenticate API requests and use the API. For more information, see Authentication.

StreetLight Training

Before using the API, you should be familiar with StreetLight InSight®, including completion of the 100: Fundamentals level training courses.

In addition, we recommend completing 200: Intermediate level courses for the use cases most relevant to your work. These courses give you the required prerequisite knowledge to understand how to apply the StreetLight InSight® API.

For more information, see the StreetLight Training Portal .


This API is a JSON API. If an API request requires a request body, it must be in the JSON format. Request responses are delivered as JSON. Ensure that you are familiar with JSON in order to make requests and understand responses.


To specify and create zones to use in your analyses, you use a GeoJSON feature collection where the features are either all MultiPolygons or all LineStrings. For information on the GeoJSON format, see GeoJSON .