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Bulk Download of Analyses

I want to create a back up of all the analyses on my account. Is there a way for me to download all of the analyses i've completed?

New Recipe - StreetLight InSight® API: Convert a shapefile to GeoJSON to create a zone set

A new Python recipe that converts a shapefile to output GeoJSON coordinates is now available! This recipe takes a shapefile as input and converts it to GeoJSON coordinates, then outputs a request body that can be used with the [Create a zone set](https://developer.streetlightdata.com/reference/create-a-zone-set-1) API endpoint. You can customize the recipe to change the properties of the zones, the format of the output, and more. Check out **StreetLight InSight® API: Convert a shapefile to GeoJSON to create a zone set** in the [Recipes](https://developer.streetlightdata.com/recipes) tab.

API Workflow Zone Limits

How many zones can be used in a single API workflow? Is it the same as the number of zones listed in this help doc or can more be added in the create zones step of the API (<https://support.streetlightdata.com/hc/en-us/articles/17399398949147-Zone-limits-for-analysis-types>)?

New Video: Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API

A new video that demonstrates using the "StreetLight InSight® API: Analyzing Time Trends" recipe to create a script and analyze trends over time is now available. Check it out here: [Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API](doc:analyzing-time-trends-with-the-streetlight-insight-api)

Downloading analyses that don't originate from API

Is it possible to download metrics from analyses that I've run on the Insight Platform? I was able to retrieve metrics from an analysis that I created on the web-platform, but when I go to download it throws the following warning: ```python {"message":"Analysis: --ANALYSIS NAME--- is not enabled for API"} ```

Invalid Input : oz_sets are empty

I'm trying to replicate an analysis I did on the Insight platform and I keep getting the following error but I can't seem to figure out why: ```python ''' The following is in the payload to post to the analysis url. I have the UUID for the site in a dictionary so I can query it quickly. ''' "analysis_name": ANALYSIS_NAME, "date_ranges": [{"start_date": date['start_date'], "end_date": date['end_date']}], "oz_sets": [{"uuid": site_dict['TLAZ']}], ``` ```python response = requests.post(analysis_url, json=payload, headers=headers) print(response.text) {"message":"Invalid input, oz_sets are empty"} ``` Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

UUIDs for US Census Tracts Groups for OD Analysis

I'm hoping to use Census Tracts for an Origin-Destination Analysis, but I couldn't find any documentation for how to define these zones. On the Insight Platform, a 'Zone Name' with an 11 digit number for the Census tract code - these seem to correspond with the Census tract codes from the US Census Bureau. Are these codes the correct way to define the UUIDs for the origin-destination analysis?

Query Status of Analysis Failed

I'm trying to check the status of an analysis I've posted with the supplied code from this platform and I'm getting the following error code: ``` {"message":"User login email required in input."} ``` Here's the code ```python payload = { "analyses": [{ "uuid": "ZONE-UID" }] } headers = { "accept": "application/json", "content-type": "application/json" } response = requests.post(url, json=payload, headers=headers) #url contains api key here print(response.text) ```

New Recipe: Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API

A new Python recipe that automates analysis creation for time trend analysis is now available. You can use this recipe to run analyses for multiple months or years, enabling you to compare changes in activity and analyze trends over time. You can enter your credentials and run the code sample to test it out, or you can customize the zones, analysis details, and dates for your own month-over-month or year-over-year analyses of time trends. For information on configuring this recipe, see [Analyzing time trends with the StreetLight InSight® API](doc:analyzing-time-trends-with-the-streetlight-insight-api).

Calibration type no_calibration is not supported for OD_Analysis Analyses and Bicycle for mode of travel

I'm using R (streetlightR library) to wrap and send API queries. When I attempt this query, I get the following error message: travel mode type: Bicycle output type: index analysis type: OD_Analysis date range: various ranges do not work, from monthly to annual summaries, from as early as 206 to as late as 2022. Error message: `Calibration type no_calibration is not supported for OD_Analysis Analyses and Bicycle for mode of travel` I don't see where `calibration` is a parameter I need to specify, as it seems to only apply to AADT.