StreetLight APIs use API keys to authenticate your requests. You can either have a different API key for each StreetLight API to which you have access, or you can have one API key for all the APIs to which you have access.

To request access to the StreetLight InSight® API or the StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts API:

  • If you are new to StreetLight and interested in accessing transportation analytics via API, request credentials here
  • If you are an existing StreetLight user, reach out to your account representative or contact Support to add API access to your subscription and get an API key

Include the following information in your request for an API Key:

  • Use case
  • Intended analysis configuration
  • Expected number or frequency of API calls



Keep this API key secure as it grants access to StreetLight APIs.

API keys plus HTTPS provide basic security for API requests. All API requests must be made with HTTPS. Requests that use HTTP or requests without authentication will fail.

StreetLight InSight® Login

For the StreetLight InSight® API, you must have a StreetLight InSight® login email to authenticate some requests. You do not use your password to authenticate API requests.