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Bulk Download of Analyses

I want to create a back up of all the analyses on my account. Is there a way for me to download all of the analyses i've completed?

New Recipe - StreetLight InSight® API: Convert a shapefile to GeoJSON to create a zone set

A new Python recipe that converts a shapefile to output GeoJSON coordinates is now available! This recipe takes a shapefile as input and converts it to GeoJSON coordinates, then outputs a request body that can be used with the [Create a zone set](https://developer.streetlightdata.com/reference/create-a-zone-set-1) API endpoint. You can customize the recipe to change the properties of the zones, the format of the output, and more. Check out **StreetLight InSight® API: Convert a shapefile to GeoJSON to create a zone set** in the [Recipes](https://developer.streetlightdata.com/recipes) tab.

New Video: Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API

A new video that demonstrates using the "StreetLight InSight® API: Analyzing Time Trends" recipe to create a script and analyze trends over time is now available. Check it out here: [Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API](doc:analyzing-time-trends-with-the-streetlight-insight-api)

Invalid Input : oz_sets are empty

I'm trying to replicate an analysis I did on the Insight platform and I keep getting the following error but I can't seem to figure out why: ```python ''' The following is in the payload to post to the analysis url. I have the UUID for the site in a dictionary so I can query it quickly. ''' "analysis_name": ANALYSIS_NAME, "date_ranges": [{"start_date": date['start_date'], "end_date": date['end_date']}], "oz_sets": [{"uuid": site_dict['TLAZ']}], ``` ```python response = requests.post(analysis_url, json=payload, headers=headers) print(response.text) {"message":"Invalid input, oz_sets are empty"} ``` Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

New Recipe: Analyzing Time Trends with the StreetLight InSight® API

A new Python recipe that automates analysis creation for time trend analysis is now available. You can use this recipe to run analyses for multiple months or years, enabling you to compare changes in activity and analyze trends over time. You can enter your credentials and run the code sample to test it out, or you can customize the zones, analysis details, and dates for your own month-over-month or year-over-year analyses of time trends. For information on configuring this recipe, see [Analyzing time trends with the StreetLight InSight® API](doc:analyzing-time-trends-with-the-streetlight-insight-api).

New Video: Creating API Requests

A new video that demonstrates creating and sending API requests from the StreetLight Developer Hub is now available. Check it out here: [Creating API Requests](https://developer.streetlightdata.com/docs#using-the-try-it-feature)

StreetLight APIs lesson available online

StreetLight's Training Portal now has a StreetLight APIs lesson. The lesson's objectives are to: - explain the StreetLight APIs and what they they do - recall the Developer resources available, such as StreetLight's Developer Hub to help you use StreetLight APIs - learn how to use StreetLight APIs to streamline your workflows - request an API key Please click on the link below to access the lesson: [302B: StreetLight APIs](https://training.streetlightdata.com/302b-streetlight-apis-1/1557006/scorm/2lwbuv4x9eubd)

Welcome! These are the rules of the road

Welcome to the StreetLight Developer Hub discussion forum! The mission of the StreetLight Developer Hub discussion forum is to provide a peer-to-peer collaboration hub to share knowledge, answer each other’s technical questions, and crowd-source best practices. These guidelines are here to: 1. Help you become a valuable contributor to the forum 2. Explain what kind of conduct to avoid 3. Make sure the discussions are enjoyable for and respectful of all our peers Please interact with other users accordingly and conduct yourself as you would in any professional setting. ## Your participation counts The conversations we have here set the tone for every new arrival. Help us influence the future of this forum by choosing to engage in discussions that make it an interesting place to be. * We encourage you to search the Developer Hub for information and use its interactive features before posting * We encourage you to post if you’re looking for advice or best practices, and please don't hesitate to chime in on someone else's post if you have a good solution * We encourage you to share solutions, advice, and best practices Help us make this a great place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion in some way, however small. ## Keep it professional Every post should make a positive contribution to the discussion and should be suitable for all users. The forum is open to all points of view on the intended product and industry topics; mature, polite debate is encouraged. We will remove any post or reply that includes derogatory, abusive, offensive, or inappropriate content of any kind (including links to such content). Always interact with other users respectfully, as you would in any professional setting. ## Post only original content Help us observe the intellectual property rights of others by only posting content you have personally written, created or else properly acquired. You may not post unauthorized copies of any copyrighted material. ## Stay on topic Good contributions help everyone by providing relevant, insightful information or asking important questions. If your post contains anything unrelated to the discussion at hand, it may be removed. * For questions about StreetLight Insight, go to the [Help Center](https://support.streetlightdata.com) * For questions that are time sensitive, [contact Support](https://support.streetlightdata.com/hc/en-us/articles/4416026885531-Contact-Support) – For example, if you have a problem right now that needs our attention, to report bugs, or for other issues with your StreetLight project ## Protect privacy - yours and others Do not post information that is confidential to your organization or personal information—you own or anyone else’s. Refrain from posting specific questions about your account or studies. For such questions and comments, contact Support.